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Solar Electric Power and Hot Water Systems

Solar Sunwerx Pty Ltd is wholly Australian owned and operated and is committed to making solar electricity and solar hot water an affordable and preferred option for Australian home owners, community buildings, schools and commercial buildings.

Professional Services

We offer a one stop shop for all your solar needs. We will look after all aspects of your design and installation with minimal effort and stress for you. We can also offer project management services for major industrial and commercial solar projects. If you are a community organisation or school, we can offer special services and packages to enhance your facilities and reduce your operating costs. You may be eligible for a free system.
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With over 10 years in the solar industry and 30 years in the building industry, we offer superior knowledge and professionalism to integrate solar systems into your project or home.


Solar Electricity (Photovoltaics or PV)
We are suppliers of PV panels, grid connect inverters and the solar panel mounting systems. For as little as $3500 (after rebates and REC’s) we can install a fully accredited system for you to produce your own solar electricity.
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Solar Hot Water
We are suppliers of high quality evacuated tube solar hot water systems. These were named HIA Product of the year in 2007 and offer high efficiency and cost effective hot water for homes, schools, swimming pools, commercial and large scale water heating.
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We hold stock for immediate supply of solar systems in a variety of sizes and configurations.

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