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If you’re wondering what is a Tesla phone charger and why you should get one, this article is for you. While it’s not an official product or affiliate with Tesla Motors, it’s really inspired by such a company and the innovation they bring to the car industry. It’s a great gift since it looks great on a desk, table, dresser, or any other furniture service. It’s also a must-have accessory for anyone that’s a huge fan of the automotive brand.

Phone Supercharger

Imagine having your complete computer desk setup with your Tesla Motors wallpaper and your phone supercharger right next to your monitor. It’ll really inspire you to innovate when you remember how Elon Musk created his companies. It’s a great way to make your desk space look more technologically advanced as well as stylish at the same time. Let it be more than just a place you perform tasks and create a space that inspires you.

This product goes just as well when you have your own Tesla Motors or even SpaceX coffee mug. Perhaps you’re reading the biography of Elon Musk and want to show support for him. This product is a great way to do so that doesn’t actually cost that much and is probably something you need anyway. Having a charger on your desk is much more convenient than relying on just a wall charger that could leave you cables lying on the floor.

The Tesla phone charger product is what you’d expect in a high-quality technology accessory, including the quality of the materials. It uses some of the latest 3D printing technology along with aluminum rods that are high-grade. The majority of the body is made with biodegradable PLA. Also, the Android version comes with USB-C and the iPhone version comes with the lightning cable.

The cable itself charges your device quickly and is of high-quality. Keep in mind that it depends on the charging speed of your wall charging adapter or battery power bank that you’re using as that’s what’s drawing the initial power. This is more of a concern if you’re getting the USB-C version and want to use it for other devices such as laptops, tablets, and even portable gaming consoles. Phones need less of a concern.

The charging accessory comes pre-assembled so no work is needed getting it to start, making it a great gift. Its stylish design makes it so that you don’t have to be an Elon Musk fan to appreciate its aesthetics. Even someone not interested in the automotive world could use it!

In Conclusion

Buying a Tesla iphone charger will show your support for everything related to Tesla and even SpaceX. Just by showing it in view on your desk or anywhere else, it’s a great way to express your enthusiasm for what Elon Musk does in the tech industry. The same can be said for anyone that feels this way, making it a great gift. This product’s great design just makes other people interested when they see it for the first time.

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