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Neon signs are popular and are used not only in shops and commercial establishments, but also in other places. Neon signs smaller in signs look good even in homes and offices. They can create a stylish effect.

When you buy neon signs, you would find standard templates or designs available. You may be looking for something unique and distinctive, which the store doesn’t have. In such a case, you need custom neon signs. These are neon signs that are custom-made to your requirements.

If you are looking for custom neon signs, then you need to find a vendor who would meet your requirements perfectly. We tell you what to look for while finding such a vendor. 

Custom neon signs – where to buy?

When you are looking for custom neon signs, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You should be able to buy the neon signs online. The convenience of designing the custom signs online is an important thing to look for. The online store should offer you the option of custom designing your sign.
  • Custom designing should be easy. The online tool should be easy to use and allow you to add text and even a logo in the design. You should be able to choose from different colours for the design.
  • The pricing must be reasonable. Ideally, the vendor should allow you to buy first and pay later.
  • Ideally, you should buy custom signs made from LED neon. There are many benefits of LED, including energy efficiency and ability to dim the light intensity.
  • Once you create the custom design, the neon sign should be dispatched to your home. Look for a vendor who can supply wherever you are.
  • Installation of the neon sign must be easy. It must also be a low-maintenance product. 
  • Warranty for the sign is a must. This ensures the product is durable and reliable. Easy access to service is needed if you face any problems.

Deciding the vendor

A neon sign vendor who meets all the requirements listed above is My Neon Store. This online store allows you to custom design an LED neon sign as per your needs. Once designed, the sign can be shipped anywhere in the world. All the signs are not factory made, but are handcrafted to ensure perfection in design. They come with a warranty and are reliable. If you are looking for custom neon signs, then you can consider buying them online from My Neon Store.

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