10kW Solar Systems

Although most households find that solar systems up to 5kW are sufficient, there are plenty of reasons for people to consider upsizing that a more hefty solar system. Leaving aside the fact the cost of installing solar systems have fallen sharply in the last five years, it’s not uncommon for small and medium sized businesses and even community centers to look to solar as a way of reducing their operating costs.


Here’s 10 places that could benefit from a new 10kW solar system right now…

1. Golf Clubhouses

2. Seaside Bed and Breakfasts

3. Car Washes

4. VET clinics

5. Milk Bars

6. Lunchtime Cafes

7. Child Care Centers

8. Service Stations

9. Supermarkets

10. Car Showrooms


Power generated

Many factors can affect the yield of a solar power system, however the following is a guide of average solar power generation throughout the year. This can be used to predict how much electricity a 5kW system will generate at various times of the year.


Melbourne’s 10kW Solar System Specialists

Installing solar panels is a fantastic investment that will pay for itself many times over by reducing your electricity bills and making an impact on the environment.

Solar Sunwerx use only reputable installers and suppliers to ensure you will get the best value for money and reap the rewards for a long time into the future.

You should expect your solar panels to last you for decades, our suppliers rate their panels to produce 90% of their total output after 10 years, and a whopping 80% of their rated output after 25 years.


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