5kW Solar Systems

Maintaining your lifestyle shouldn’t cost a fortune, and sometimes being energy efficiency just isn’t enough. A 5kW solar power system has massive savings potential and will keep your bills low when your power usage can’t be reigned in.

Facilitating – make the most of your luxury time by removing the compromises.


Melbourne metro area. Additional costs may apply.

Upgrade options

Upgrade to Jinko Solar Panels for $900

Upgrade to SolaX Inverter with WiFi for $900

Upgrade to an SMA Inverter for $2100

Bundle and save

Save $500 when also purchasing a Solar Hot Water System

Save $500 when also purchasing a Heat Pump Hot Water System


Power generated

Many factors can affect the yield of a solar power system, however the following is a guide of average solar power generation throughout the year. This can be used to predict how much electricity a 5kW system will generate at various times of the year.



Notice how the amount of electricity generated in winter is much lower than the average, while the yield in summer is much higher than the average throughout the year. This can account for some fluctuation in the reduction on your electricity bill depending on your energy usage.

To help determine if a 2kW system is appropriate for your needs, the interactive graph below illustrates the power generated annually allowing for comparisons between various solar power systems.



How does solar electricity work?

See how a basic solar panel system operates when connected to the electricity grid.


Enquire about financing

Looking to pay-as-you-save? Finance the solar system that’s right for you.


5kW Solar System Melbourne

5kW Solar System – Melbourne’s Best Deals

Solar Sunwerx offers fantastic deals on 5kw solar power systems for our Melbourne customers.

With a five year payback time, solar could be the best investment that you’ve ever made.

Solar Sunwerx have a long history of quality and customer service, using only reliable equipment from reputable suppliers. We pride ourselves on finding the right system for you, offering you the best return on your investment.

Our Solax inverters have been given a AA rating (equal to the likes of SMA) by the independent researchers at Photon International. They are also one of the only brands of inverters that come with WiFi built in, bringing monitoring to your fingertips via a free smartphone app.

Jinko Solar are one of the largest manufacturer of solar panels in the world, and are listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Being a positive tolerance panel they ensure your solar system will perform to its maximum potential for years to come.

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