APS Microinverters

Unlike regular string inverters, micro inverters can be allocated to individual solar panel modules, allowing them to function independently. While incurring a higher cost per watt when initialised, micro inverters individually monitor and maximize power generation for each module in the array, boosting overall system efficiency.

They are especially effective in areas where the solar panels could be subject to shading or on highly fragmented roofs where multiple roof sections with different orientations need to be utilised.

APS are one of the leading micro inverter brands in the solar industry, providing some of the most advanced and reliable units on the market for all residential and commercial applications. APS ranked No.2 in global market share among top micro inverter suppliers by shipments in 2013.


All APS micro inverters supplied by Solar Sunwerx also come with an extended limited product warranty of 25 years.

One APS micro inverter unit handles two PV modules, therefore lowering installation and balance-of-system costs.

The APS Communicator (ECU) collects and relays output data in real time, providing around-the-clock information on system performance via your own online platform. The advanced software from APS also detects and alerts you to any performance issues within the system.

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