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Warburton and Hunt hint at end for renewable subsidies  

No issue is more preoccupying currently than the renewable energy target (RET) for the renewable energy industry. In the last two days, head of the RET review board Dick Warburton has stated that “every aspect of the RET scheme is up for grabs” while Environment Minister Greg Hunt claimed the recently released energy model from […]

Abbott’s plan to ditch RET labelled “short-term gain, long-term pain”  

A report from The Guardian suggests that the renewable energy target (RET) prevents electricity bills from soaring, contrary to Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s claims the it causes “pretty significant price pressure”. Using data commissioned by the Clean Energy Council, the report states that the average household will pay $50 less on their annual energy costs […]

RET review begins amidst confusion  

Many industry observers suspect that the current review of the renewable energy target (RET) by the Prime Minister is a procedural requirement designed to soften the blow when he inevitably scraps it. Aside from the appointment of a hand-picked review panel headed by a pro-nuclear lobbyist (and dismantling a perfectly capable energy board in the […]

Happy 60th Birthday, Solar!  

Gizmodo recently celebrated the 60th anniversary of the creation of the solar cell with a look at the evolution of the technology throughout the decades. April 25, 1954, Bell Labs in New Jersey, USA unveiled their research into the first solar cell that could convert sunlight into a meaningful amount of electricity. Engineer Daryl Chapin, physicist Gerald Pearson […]

The real culprit behind your hefty electricity bills  

Heading into the cooler months, the cost of heating our homes could lead some of us to rethink our energy usage. We can turn our thermostats down a few degrees, be extra cautious about turning lights off and replace our energy hungry halogen light globes with more efficient options – but chances are we will […]

Solar tariffs in need of reform  

For most potential solar customers, the feed-in tariff factors heavily in their calculations. Across the country there is little in the way of uniformity, and more often than not customers see the tariff as a turn off, disheartened at a poor return on their sizable investment. Whether we are lucky enough to see it or […]

Gas prices to surge, could double “in two or three years”  

Victorians are in for a shock over the next two to three years with the cost of gas set to skyrocket. A report from the ABC highlights the international pressures that will force domestic gas prices to rise and hurt Australian pockets. Projects from Santos, Shell and Exxon Mobil will all come online later this year. […]

Science favours solar over fossil fuels  

An article in UK’s The Telegraph claims that all the scientific momentum is behind renewable energy and the outlook for those supporting fossil fuels is bleak. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard paints a bright future for solar, one that casts a foreboding shadow over traditional energy sources. “Solar power has won the global argument. Photovoltaic energy is already […]

IPCC calls for swift action on climate change  

UN body, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), has released a report showing that taking control of the global problem of carbon emissions and the damage to our atmosphere would cost as little as 0.06% of annual growth. More than 800 experts contributed to the report that calls for swift action on climate change. […]

RAA establishes Solar Facts website to dispel renewable rumors  

In a counter attack against the anti-renewable rhetoric that makes its way into the national conversation, the REC Agents Association (RAA) have launched an information portal in the hopes of dispelling renewable untruths. Solar Facts offers easy-to-digest paragraphs the website sets the story straight regarding truths and falsehoods regarding renewable energies, with plenty of references to […]