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Steven Chu solves the “death spiral” problem  

Energy analysts are working on solutions to the “death spiral”, and former US Energy Secretary Steven Chu thinks he has the answer. With more and more customers turning to renewable sources like solar to reduce their energy costs, as they do so the remaining electricity customers pay even more, encouraging more customers to switch to solar […]

Luna solar plans, solar ring to beam energy back to earth  

It’s April Fool’s day and a lot of solar conscious folk may be on the look-out for the most ridiculous story going around. A story about a “Luna Ring” made up of solar panels that circumnavigate the moon and beam electricity back to earth has arisen, albeit from a few years ago, and although we […]

The perils of “cheap solar”  

Solar Business published a report today warning customers of the dangers of signing up for cheap solar. In a competitive solar market companies are trying every trick in the book to get to the $1/watt threshold (i.e. below $3,000 for a 3kW system), but this doesn’t necessarily represent good value for consumers. $1/W, is it […]

Solar Council launches solar awareness campaign for WA senate election  

Australian Solar Council has launched a campaign to raise awareness of solar support from the major parties, taking out full page ads in newspapers and producing a short video asking voters to consider renewable energy when voting in the upcoming election. Hoping to harness people-power, the campaign called “Vote to Save Solar” offers a mock […]

Is Facebook really making solar powered drones?  

Yeah. Well, they are working on it. Facebook, Ericsson, Nokia, Qualcomm and Samsung have formed a corporate conglomerate called internet.org with the goal of bringing internet access to the two thirds of the global population that is currently “dark”. Announced last year, the initiative set itself the goal of world-wide connectivity for the remaining 5 billion people […]

Solar Sunwerx installs 60kW system at Bowens Hardware in Rowville  

Solar Sunwerx have completed installation of a major solar power system at the Bowens Timber and Hardware in Rowville. Perched above their Stud Rd facility are 240 Jinko Solar panels capable of generating 60kW per hour drastically reducing their dependence on the electricity grid. With four 15kW Samil three-phase inverters humming along the company can expect […]

Customers value solar panel reliability above all else  

A US-based survey has revealed that 99% of respondents indicated that the reliability of a solar panel was either “important” or “very important”. Of all the factors taken into account when purchasing solar panels it topped the tables, and while nobody would purchase a panel if they were told it was particularly unreliable, it’s interesting […]

Solar power could be the silver bullet in drought prevention  

Australia has been no stranger to drought conditions. For a nation so dependent on livestock and agriculture extreme weather conditions can be brutally punishing. Despite the ant-climate change rhetoric, it’s clear that drought conditions have worsened and are trending higher in the future. One of the most urgent casualties of drought and climate change is […]

Headed to the world cup in Brazil? Keep your eyes peeled for solar  

Solar and airports are getting a lot of attention lately. We’ve had the Alice Springs airport rolling out a solar farm that doubles as shading for long term parked cars, then the announcement of a massive solar farm being considered as part of upgrades to the Louis Armstrong airport in New Orleans that can survive […]

New Orleans Airport to feature massive solar array  

We mentioned recently that the Northern Territory began work on a solar panel project at the Alice Springs Airport (ASA) that would not only provide a majority of the facility’s energy needs but provide shade for the long term cars parked at the airport – another great example of Aussie ingenuity. Now the Louis Armstrong […]