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ARENA has insufficient funds for one million solar roofs  

We mentioned recently that funding for the one million solar roofs programme was looking unsteady. The government committed to providing a $500 rebate in support of installing solar panels on one million solar roofs capped at 100,000 homes per year for the next ten years. The responsibility fell to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) […]

ACT launches community solar panel project, as biggest emitters named  

Residents in Canberra previously unable to take advantage of solar power have a new opportunity with the announcement of a community based solar feed-in tariff (FiT) program. Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell, announced this morning that residents would be able to invest in solar generation and enjoy an on-going income stream. “Around […]

Climate authority ices RET review, how solar saves all Australians  

Prime Minister Tony Abbott is doing all he can to ensure his renewable energy target (RET) review, headed by climate sceptic Dick Warburton, isn’t overshadowed by conflicting data points from opposing sources. The existing Climate Change Authority (CCA) was established in 2011 and is required by law to review the RET (their last review took place […]

SolaX Hybrid Inverters hit the ground running  

We speak to customers all day long about suitable solar power solutions. Finding the right solar power system that will offer the best return on investment is a key factor in any energy audit, it’s an art and a science that requires more than simply installing the largest system possible and assuming the job is […]

Hills are no problem with the futuristic Suncycle  

Everybody needs a little help from time to time. If your bike riding intentions outweigh your abilities help may soon be at hand. Self-powering bicycles are not a new thing, but are often cost-prohibitive or harness power as you peddle (which makes it even harder, exactly the situation you are trying to avoid!). Enter the […]

Solar panels a welcome arrival at NT airport  

Alice Springs Airport (ASA) is expanding their already impressive 235KW solar power system, increasing it by another 325KWs. Originally part of the government’s Solar Cities Program which threw $94 million into proliferating renewable technologies throughout Australia’s major cities, the additional solar power will be enough to offset more than 420 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. […]

Renewable Energy Target facts and figures  

The media cycle is buzzing with speculation regarding the renewable energy target (RET). With a review board announced headed by Dick Warburton who by his own admission is sceptical “that man-made carbon dioxide is creating global warming”, and partnered by traditional energy concerns (i.e. coal and gas) it would appear that the RET review could […]

Clean Energy Council welcomes opportunity to challenge misconceptions and illustrate the value of the RET  

Australia’s Clean Energy Council (CEC) has welcomed the upcoming review of the Renewable Energy Target as an opportunity to illustrate its value and debunk common misconceptions about renewable energy and climate change. In a statement released today Chief Executive David Green said, “The clean energy industry is keen to show the huge positive impact of […]