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Organic batteries could revolutionise renewable industry  

Researchers at Harvard have developed a low cost, organic battery that could accompany solar or wind power installations. This comes on the back on predictions that traditional battery technology could plummet through a demand driven industry adjustment. Energy storage is seen as a key element of renewable feasibility, allowing customers to mobilise their energy during […]

Heatwave pushes energy demand to the limit  

While no substantial power outages have been reported during this week’s heatwave, the grid is being pushed to its limit. As facilities reach their maximum thresholds during extreme conditions they risk critical failure resulting in “load shedding” (i.e. blackouts). A report in The Age suggests that increasing the security and reliability of the grid would […]

QLD electricity customers targeted in bill scam  

  If you live in Queensland and think you’re paying too much for electricity the culprit could be a scam targeting Ergon Energy customers. Malicious emails from Pacific Gas & Electric are being sent to Ergon customers asking them to visit a website whereupon they must enter their credit card or banking details. It should […]

Is 2014 the year of battery storage?  

  A report from RenewEconomy suggests that small-scale battery storage could get a massive boost on the back of improved affordability in 2014. Until this point connecting rooftop solar systems to battery storage has been a costly affair and isn’t seen as a reasonable option for those looking to improve their return on investment. With […]

England defies “gloomy” reputation with solar boom  

Things may seem gloomy across England (and I’m not just referring to the recent Ashes whitewash) but that hasn’t stopped them from embracing renewables. Casting off their reputation as a foggy loud covered in clouds – developers across the UK are being attracted by the falling cost of solar technology and attractive subsidies backing large-scale, […]

NY embraces solar to the tune of $1bn  

New York governor Andrew Cuomo wowed the renewable community last week committing $US1 billion in new funding for solar energy projects. In 2012 Cuomo launched his NY-Sun initiative that has since earmarked almost 300 megawatts (MW) of solar projects, including installed and developing initiatives, a figure that equals the previous decade of solar investment. Speaking at […]

Don’t melt the grid during heatwaves  

Most of the country is about to be hit by a heatwave. As comforting as it is to blast your air conditioner, it’s absolutely no fun if you (and your neighbors) cause a blackout. While it’s rare to see city-wide power outages in the modern age, it’s not uncommon for individual streets and even whole suburbs […]

Three reasons your business should reconsider solar in 2014  

As another year ticks over we all look for areas of improvement. Re-evalutation can benefit small-medium businesses the most, this could be the year that your business rolls out a new inventory system, freshens up with the office with a new coat of paint – maybe you turn your desk toward the window and the […]

Our Solar Year: 2013 Infographics from Solar Sunwerx  

2013 has been a huge year for solar in Australia, we’ve been crunching the numbers and have come up with some impressive figures to share with you about our achievements over the last 12 months.   Nothern Territory Solar Sunwerx NT has had a strong year as we establish ourselves in the NT solar market. […]