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CHOICE: Electricity Costs Are Australia’s Biggest Concern  

New research conducted by Australian consumer website CHOICE found that those surveyed felt the price of electricity was of primary concern, ahead of groceries and medical costs. The vast majority of respondents felt their bills had increased over the last twelve months and were looking for ways to reduce their expenses and make ends meet. Over […]

Victorian Labor Supports VEET Program  

Victoria’s State Opposition will make energy efficiency an issue at the upcoming November election. Introduced in 2008 to help homes and businesses save money on their energy bills, the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET), subsidises the purchase of efficient LED lighting, heating systems, water saving shower heads, weather sealing and insulation. After Premiere Napthine’s announcement […]

Solar Sunwerx installer claims top prize in Clean Energy Council awards  

One of Solar Sunwerx’s installers has taken top prize for Grid-connected solar system under 15 kilowatts (kW) at the Clean Energy Council’s Solar Design and Installation Awards for 2014. Ross Shaw drew on his years of experience when overseeing the installation of a 9.75 kilowatt system at a primary school that complements a peaceful, shaded […]

Solar vs Coal: Australia’s Changing Energy Profile  

Almost 80% of Australia’s energy is presently sourced from burning coal. This won’t be the case forever, and although the carbon tax repeal alleviates some of the coal industry’s concerns, even tougher hurdles lie ahead. Reduced electricity consumption across the country has transformed our current energy profile, and solar power is emerging as a potent and […]

Sceptic Warburton frustrated with Palmer as RET review deadline looms  

Former Reserve Bank board member Dick Warburton has expressed frustration at Clive Palmer and his PUP senators for blocking renewable energy legislation in the Senate. Vocal in his opposition to the renewable energy target (RET), Warburton is expected to recommend either scrapping the RET altogether or watering down the target from 41,000 GWh – most […]

LEDs can slash electricity usage by 85%  

With LEDs using 85% less electricity than conventional lighting, it’s no wonder homes, offices and industries all over Australia are making the switch to LEDs and saving big. Providing light to our homes and communities makes up 12% of Australia’s overall energy usage, and contributes 19% to the world’s overall energy consumption. How do LEDs work? […]

Will axing the carbon tax really improve our cost of living?  

Ahead of last year’s federal election Tony Abbott bludgeoned us over the miserable position in which we found ourselves under the carbon tax. His government’s successful election campaign was trumpeted as a victory for common sense, the tax repeal was the first cab off the rank in their legislative meetings and only hours after the legislation […]

Australian large-scale solar investment down during global boom  

With uncertainty about the future of the renewable energy target, Australia’s momentum as a player in the renewable energy investment game is stalling. Only months after Treasurer Joe Hockey called wind turbines “utterly offensive” and joked about putting a handbrake on renewable energy research funding, figures from Bloomberg New Energy Finance show we are missing […]

Scrapping the carbon tax won’t fix our broken energy system  

Fairfax journalist Ross Gittins has shone a light on the government’s claims that scrapping the carbon tax will lead to significant savings, especially on our electricity bills. Despite its unpopularity, the carbon tax is “merely a blip” in our energy woes – and most won’t notice any benefit once it has been repealed. Although the Prime […]

Going solar increases the value of your home  

Solar Sunwerx has helped hundreds of customers generate their own power from the sun. Some are looking to reduce their environmental impact, just as many are looking to take control of their energy bills and safeguard against outrageous electricity price increases. As solar takes a stranglehold on Australian rooftops, a new bread of customer is […]