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Solar Sunwerx completed an installation of a 3.8kW installation in Mount Waverley in September 2011. Our customer was kind enough to track the production of the system over the course of the first year of operation giving us valuable information for a case study for a typical residential installation.

Case study

Location: Mount Waverley
Installation: 06/09/2011
System Size: 3.8kW
Rating: 190watt
Panels: 20
Inverter: Samil 4400TL


Solar Sunwerx projection

Upon installation of all Solar Sunwerx PV projects a monthly generation projection is calculated using Samil Power design software. The graph below shows the monthly projected electricity generation (kw/h) versus the actual electricity generation (kw/h) in the first year of operation. Over the course of the year output tracked the projected amounts and the system actually produced 17kw/h more than quoted.