Reading the display

Efegy Readout


Frequently Asked Questions

If I remove the batteries will I lose the information on the display?If you need to change or remove the batteries, the display has an internal memory, so information stored on the display will not be lost.
How do I reset the display (clear the data and start again)?Press mode and history buttons simultaneously and hold for two seconds.
How far does the device transmit?Transmitters works over 40 meters within the home. The 433MHz range is well suited for home use. This can cover three floors, and also well suited to builders where meters are outside the main building.
I have three dashes (- – -) showing on the display. What does this mean?Move the display closer to the transmitter and press the link button. If the dashes remain on the display this would indicate the transmitter and receiver are not communicating. Please contact Efergy Customer Service on (03) 9399 9556 to help locate the problem.
Backlight appears to work sometimes, and not other times. Is my display broken?No. The backlight is on a timer to save battery life, and should work during darker periods of the day.


Efergy Manual

Download a pdf copy of the operating manual here.


Efergy Customer Support – (03) 9399 9556