Grid Connected Inverters

For information regarding the operation of solar power systems visit our page here.

Solar Sunwerx supplies two leading brands of grid-connected inverters, allowing us to offer customers a range of features while ensuring they receive the best technology on the market.


Solax features

  • Part of Suntellite Group established in 2003
  • Rated “AA” by Photon International
  • Low turn-on and off voltage, longer working time
  • MPPT efficiency up to 99.9%
  • Fanless, quiet and low maintenance
  • Distributed across 47 countries
  • Built-in Wifi and 3G connections
  • Hybrid Inverter offerings available

Solax inverters allow customers to monitor their systems via a smartphone app, giving them easy access to their solar power output every day, month and year that their system is connected.

For more information regarding SolaX products feel free to contact Solar Sunwerx or visit the Solax website.

SMA features

  • World leading Inverter from rooftop solar power systems to large scale plants
  • First-class efficiency and reliability
  • Founded 1981
  • World’s largest manufacturer of solar inverters
  • Distribute to 19 countries on four continents
  • Bluetooth equiped

For more information regarding SMA inverters feel free to contact Solar Sunwerx or visit the SMA website.