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Written by: Casucian61

How do you find the perfect outfit to wear when you’re spending the day at the beach? Wilson and Frenchy kids at Buckets and Spades At Buckets and Spades, we’ve put together an easy guide to dressing your kids in the best way possible, based on their ages and activities. Be sure to read through our tips and tricks so that you can find the right clothing that will keep your kids looking good while they play in the water:

1. Choose a Simple and Basic Shirt

When you have a baby in tow, you’ll probably want to focus on the clothes that will keep your kid comfortable and warm. It’s hard to find more basic clothing than a cute pair of striped 100% cotton shorts or a classic polo shirt with short sleeves. Your kid can wear these year round so they’re also great for when it’s hot or cold out.

2. Keep it Colorful and Fun

Children don’t have to have all the same colors in their wardrobe, but you should make sure that the clothes are bright and colorful. A bright yellow shirt is a great choice for guys and girls, or you can go with polka dots or floral prints for a season-specific outfit.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Go Sleeveless

For kids who will be spending most of their time in the sun, there’s no need to make their shirts too heavy. If your kid is going to be swimming all day then a loose shirt will help keep them cool on those hot days at the beach.

4. Footwear is Very Important

There’s nothing worse than burning your feet on the hot sand and it’s difficult to have fun in the water if your feet are sore. Choose something with a strap that will stay put on the foot and a durable sole so that you only need to buy one pair of shoes for an entire beach day.

5. Go for Swimwear Over Pajamas

Going for swimwear over pajamas is a great choice when you want your kid to be able to splash around freely in the water without getting cold or wet. Your child should be able to wear swimwear that’s still comfy and flexible when they’re playing in the water, and it’s very easy to find a great bathing suit that will pair well with shorts or a dress.

6. Go for Polo Shirts Over T-Shirts

A polo shirt is a much more casual and comfortable type of shirt than a t-shirt and it keeps your kids looking sharp no matter what they’re doing. Traditional polo shirts are made of 100% cotton, but you can also find them in polyester or silk as well.

The most important part of dressing your kids for the beach is to keep them looking comfortable and casual, while making sure that they still look great. You can mix and match all of our different clothing options to create the perfect day at the beach for you and your family.

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