Amazing US crowdfunding initiative powering solar investment  

Crowdfunding has become more than just a trend, it has changed the way we think about our purchases and investments.

With a new solar system being installed somewhere in the United States every four minutes, there’s no doubt about the demand for solar panels as a way of helping the environment and saving money.

To encourage investment in solar projects the government offered tax credits for solar leasing programs that allowed curious parties to install solar panels while avoiding the upfront fees and encouraging investment in renewable energy.

It’s expected the eventually these tax credits will disappear. Enter solar crowdfunding service Mosiac.

Be it big or small, all contributions made to Mosiac are pooled and used to fund solar projects across the United States. Once installed the home owner enjoys a reduced rate on their electricity and the goodwill that comes with renewable energy, while the proceeds are returned to the investors at a rate of up to 6.5%.

Co-founder and CEO Billy Parish saw the potential of crowdfunding to support and build upon the current strategies for renewable investment:

billy-parish-bkt_14310_14310“We have the technology we need to create abundant clean energy for and by the people. Now it’s time to start breaking down the barriers that keep people from participating. We need to change the laws that prevent communities and individuals from creating their own energy projects, or that make it difficult for them to access government incentive programs.”

Mosaic’s website features dozens of successfully funded installations across all types of enterprises, from community centers to Goldfields to Bee Farms. Expected investment yield (usually between 5% and 7%) and the payback term are listed, with most stretching to the ten or twelve year mark.

In just over a year Mosiac has raised over US$8 million from investers and recently beat out 1300 contenders for a $1 million prize for top sustainability achiever at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show.