This brilliant tool tells you the direction of the sun throughout the day  

We’ve highlighted websites that show solar potential in real time divided across the Australian states, but what if you are considering solar panels for your house and need to see the direction of the sun at various times of day? You could try looking poking your head out the window, but unless you have a degree in astrophysics you may appreciate the help of some more precise data points.

There are many reasons to may consider solar panels, often the size and suitability of the available rooftop plays a part in finding the right system. Shading issues from nearby buildings and trees need to be considered, as well as the direction of the panels to achieve maximum efficiency.

Solar panels are often placed on northern rooftops to capitalise on the sun’s arc through the sky for the majority of the day. If a roof space doesn’t allow for a northern installation then western regions are also favourable for solar. In this case slightly less energy will be generated by sunlight through the gloomy winter months, but on those long, hot summer days that we know so well your solar power system will look after you well into the evening.

SunCalc is a tool that can show you an exact address and illustrates the line of the sun throughout the day and the variation of the sun’s position in the sky across the seasons.

Here’s an illustration of the sunline for our offices:


The graphical representation makes it easy to see the direction of the sun from sunrise to sunset. Check out your current address, or look up your next potential investment for solar suitability.

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