CHOICE: Electricity Costs Are Australia’s Biggest Concern  

New research conducted by Australian consumer website CHOICE found that those surveyed felt the price of electricity was of primary concern, ahead of groceries and medical costs. The vast majority of respondents felt their bills had increased over the last twelve months and were looking for ways to reduce their expenses and make ends meet.

Over 1,000 Australian’s took part in the national survey that found 84% of households are concerned about the cost of electricity, with 81% citing fuel costs and 77% citing the price of food and groceries as main concerns.

A staggering 48% of Australians feel that their bills have increased a lot in the last twelve months, with another 41% stating their bills had increased a little. Electricity costs were the major concern among those on tight budgets as well as those living comfortably.

Overall, Australian’s are finding it harder to stay ahead of rising utility costs, with only 44% of survey respondents saying they could comfortably make ends meet.

“Almost one in three respondents told us they find it difficult to get by on their current income,” says CHOICE CEO Alan Kirkland, with one in five saying they have scraped through to payday by living off credit or borrowing from friends or family.”

It’s no surprise that the government’s opposition to the carbon tax was a big hit with voters at last year’s election. However its repeal isn’t expected to bring about vast improvements when it comes to cost of living expenses, nor was it a main contributor to rising electricity prices in the first place.

According to the CHOICE survey, we are cutting back on clothing purchases and entertainment to make ends meet.

Doctors and Pharmacists ranked as the most trustworthy professions, while most people placed more trust in their Mortgage broker (12%) than their Energy provider (9%).

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See the CHOICE infographic here.