CitiPower and Powercor Customers Contacted over Solar Panel Obligations  

With the falling cost of installing solar panels and assistance from government incentives, solar power has enjoyed a boom across Australia in the last six years. Previously we’ve highlighted how to maintain your solar panels, and the tricks some solar companies pull to maximise their profits through unnecessary maintenance appointments.

Now energy distributors CitiPower and Powercor, in compliance with the Electricity Distribution Code, are writing to solar panel owners to remind them of their legal obligations, which include the following:

  • Solar system must operate at a frequency of 50Hz (or within an allowable variation)
  • Equipment connected to the electricity network must comply with Victoria’s Electricity Distribution Code, the electricity Safety Act 1998 and owner must ensure all Australian safety standards are satisfied
  • Electrical protection devices are coordinated with the characteristics of the local electricity network

Meeting the Australian Standard AS4777 for grid-connected solar systems covers all of these requirements, and the likelihood is that no action will be required for the vast majority of solar panel owners.

damaged-solar-panelsUnless your solar panel system has been damaged or fallen into disrepair due to neglect, there is no cause for concern over your obligations. Simply inspecting your panels for excessive dirt or dust, and giving them a gentle clean if required should be enough.

Solar Sunwerx sees its fair share of sub-par workmanship, and is frequently called in to correct mistakes made by unaccredited installers.

Take it from us, trying to save a few dollars on a solar panel installation can rack up a massive bill if things go wrong!

If you are concerned about the operation of your solar power system, or would appreciate an inspection to put your mind at ease, Solar Sunwerx can arrange for an accredited installer to inspect your system ensuring dust and dirt is not present, all connections are secured and clearly labelled and your legal obligations are met for as little as $300.

Call Solar Sunwerx on 1300 557 840 for more information.