Melbourne LED lighting

LEDs can slash electricity usage by 85%  

With LEDs using 85% less electricity than conventional lighting, it’s no wonder homes, offices and industries all over Australia are making the switch to LEDs and saving big. Providing light to our homes and communities makes up 12% of Australia’s overall energy usage, and contributes 19% to the world’s overall energy consumption.

How do LEDs work? Lumens explained

For decades we have been conditioned to think that higher wattage equals more light. We’ve all brightened rooms by changing an incandescent 60w globe for an 80w globe because it provides more light, however LED lights provide comparable lighting conditions with superior efficiency.

LEDs have a far lower watt/lumens ratio. Rather then relying on increased wattage to throw out more light, LED technology can do more with less. MUCH less.

To give a common example, a 60w globe provides roughly 800 lumens (most light-globe packaging will provide a lumens value). LEDs can achieve the same lumens scale with as little as 9w.

Replacing globes is a thing of the past

When LEDs become commonplace, changing a lightglobe will become a generational activity rather than a regular nuisance. With an expected lifespan of 50,000 hours, if an LED light was in operation for 10 hours a day, it would be almost 15 years before it required maintenance.

With living rooms and entertaining areas requiring only a few hours of light in the evening, you can expect anywhere up to 25 years of reliable, warm luminescence from your superior lighting system.

In the meantime, you will be enjoying substantial savings.

Make money from LEDs

With average usage an LED light will pay for itself within two or three years.

Beyond this point your lighting will be saving you money, and as we’ve already established, you should be expecting decades from your new LEDs.

By comparison, halogen lights overheat, use up to four times more energy than a standard light globe and have an expected lifespan of as little as 2,000 hours! It’s no wonder the LED revolution continues to grow.

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