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Phew, what a huge year! There have been a number of new challenges in the solar industry. We had the STC multiplier reduction, the rollback of the premium solar feed-in tariff and now we are working in a new, more sustainable era of solar power. The best news lately is that the effect of the GFC on Europe and America has meant a world oversupply of solar panels.

Solar power is still by far the best way for you to lower your power bills. At current power prices your solar system will pay for itself in around 6-7 years; while business (commercial enterprises) can have their systems pay for themselves in 4-6 years! As power prices go up (predicted to be by 10% each year) they pay for themselves even sooner! Investing in solar is a great way to insulate your household from future increases electricity prices.

For more information contact one of our trained consultants on 03 9888 8799.

Renewable Energy now producing 10% of total power in Australia

A recent article in the Age has found that 10% of the total power production in Australia is produced through renewable sources of energy. Although solar only equates to 2.3% of the overall figure, we’re sure that with continued effort we can get this figure up substantially. Please see the below link for more information:

Electricity prices continue to rise

You may have already noticed that your electricity prices have increased dramatically in the last 6-12 months. The reason for this is the ongoing impact of much needed and very expensive infrastructure upgrades to the power grid. With or without a carbon tax, there are predictions that electricity prices will rise by around 10% each year. As the carbon tax is implemented this will add to the price rises – see below link for more information:

Carbon tax: Gillard’s ‘Clean Energy Future’ at a glance

Solar feed in tariff news

There are now 2 different feed-in tariff’s available to households who install solar panels.
The standard feed-in tariff offers eligible properties a ‘one-for-one’ payment for any excess electricity feed back into the grid, meaning that you are paid for any electricity you feed to the grid at the same rate you are charged for electricity. Currently the standard tariff is open to solar systems up to 100kW in size, however once the transitional tariff becomes available next January the standard feed in tariff will only be open to solar customers whose PV capacity is greater than 5kW and up to 100 kW in capacity. The standard tariff can be claimed for multiple properties and there is no end date. Once the transitional feed-in tariff is available, only customers who install solar PV system between 5kW and 100kW will be eligible for the standard tariff.

The transitional feed-in tariff is expected to become available from 1 January 2012. It offers eligible properties with a small scale PV system (5kW or less) a credit of at least 25c/kWh for excess electricity fed back into the grid –some companies are already offering 33c/kWh. The scheme is intended to have a capacity cap of 75 MW of installed solar systems across the state, and will ran initially until the end of 2016.
An eligible customer for the transitional feed-in tariff is one who meets the following criteria;

• Has a solar PV system of 5kW or less installed,
• Is installed at your principal place of residence (if a householder),
• Consumes less than 100MWh/annum or less (if a small business or community organisation),
• Only claims one solar PV system per site(if you are a small business or community organisation operating across multiple sites, you can claim for one system per site) and,
• Has a bi-directional meter in place that measures two-way electricity flows and records them on a half hourly basis.

Existing Standard Feed-in customers who are eligible for the transitional tariff can either transfer to the transitional or remain on the standard tariff. As of 1 January 2012 customers who are eligible for the transitional rate will not be able to apply for the standard scheme, and only for systems installed on their principal place of residence if under 5kW.

Competition is rife amongst electricity suppliers to get you to sign up with them for the transitional feed-in tariff. Solar Sunwerx have discovered that Diamond Energy are offering a 33 cent feed-in tariff for electricity that is fed into the electricity grid. This means that payback times can be as little as 6 years for solar! The fact that solar power is a long term investment that will last you more than 30 years means that solar is one of the best financial investments available at the moment.

Commercial Solar – insulate your business against electricity price rises

As discussed earlier, we have developed a rock-solid strategy (ticked off by our highly qualified accountant) that can see solar power pay for itself within 4-6 years. The strategy involves incorporating leasing, depreciation plus the energy savings associated with solar to deliver your company one of the best medium and long term investments available on the market.

Our highly trained solar consultants can do a no obligation measure and quote at your workplace now. We can leave you with a detailed report to take back to your financial advisor.

If your company owns its own building or is on a medium/long term lease, call now on 03 9888 799 to find out how we can help you fight rising electricity prices.

Solar Group Buy Purchasing

Solar Sunwerx have developed a strategy whereby people buying solar in groups of 3 or more can get excellent pricing well below retail price. An example of this is a customer in Sale (Gippsland) who got over 20 households including his own to install solar power systems. This meant that not only did he get an excellent deal on his solar power system, but he was the toast of the town for getting a good deal for his mates!

If you choose to do a solar group buy as part of an organisation (eg. Rotary Club or Football Club) then we will also be able to make a sizable donation for every solar power system installed under the scheme. This means that even if you are not interested in solar, you may want to take the idea to your local community group to discuss this as an idea for fundraising.

Our representatives are available to come to organisational meetings to discuss the ins and outs at a time suitable to your group. Contact one of our representatives on 03 9888 8799 to discuss further.

Many people are winding down around this time of year, so Solar Sunwerx would like to take this opportunity to wish you a safe and happy holiday season. All the best for Christmas and the new year!

The Solar Sunwerx team.