Solar Sunwerx customised a 90kW System for the Sea Views Manor aged care facility in Ocean Grove. A perfect compliment for the center’s art-deco style, the panels power the facility leaving the staff and residents to enjoy the sea air and calming breezes.

As with all businesses, increasing energy costs were a major concern. After completing their initial investigations, they were pleasantly surprised to find out that solar only takes around 4-5 years to pay for itself! With a 25 year warranty and an expected lifespan of 40+ years, solar is a fantastic investment for their business.

Solar Sunwerx were chosen over a number of companies to install this 90kW system because of their experience in large scale installations, high quality products and outstanding after-sales service.


Sea View manor now show potential residents the solar power system on open days. This is a physical way that they can display that they will be keeping the cost of living down for their residents well into the future.

Samil Power, the company that supplied the inverters for the installation, featured the system in an advertisement that ran in the solar industry magazine Eco Generation.

Download the one-page sheet about our installation at Sea Views Manor, Ocean Grove

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