How does grid-connected solar power work?

Grid connected or Grid interactive solar systems work by using PV panels to generate electricity from sunlight. If unused this electricity is pumped into the electricity grid during the day in exchange for a credit (or tariff) against your electricity bill. You draw electricity from the grid for all your normal energy requirements, and pay the electricity company the difference between what you produce and what you use.

In many installations you won’t even see the panels on your roof as they are generally flat with the slope of the roof. Once the system is installed you won’t notice any difference to how you use energy, except a lower power bill.

How solar panels work

1) Sunlight hits the Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels and creates low voltage DC electricity

2) The Grid Connect Inverter converts DC electricity into 240V AC electricity

The 240V AC electricity is supplied to the main switchboard

4) The generated electricity powers any appliances that are running at the time

5) If there is excess electricity it is sold back to the electricity grid

A 3kw solar electric system combined with state government feed in tariffs could save you around $1100 per year and could pay back its investment in around 5 years. It will also reduce your greenhouse gas emission by over 5.5 tonnes per year!

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