Tigo Performance Optimisers

Tigo power maximiser units, or ‘optimisers’, are a brand new addition to the product range at Solar Sunwerx. These can be incorporated into any string inverter system and help to minimise the energy losses associated with the system.

They are particularly beneficial under shading conditions, minimising power loss by creating a ‘smart bypass’ within the system which circumvents shade affected panels and allows other modules to run at their optimal capacity. They also slow down the ‘aging’ process of the panels by closely controlling the voltage within the system.


Optimisers vs Micro-inverters

The benefits of these optimiser units over micro inverters is that they are less susceptible to failure as they have less electrical components. They also come with a 25 year performance warranty and can provide module-level monitoring data accessible through an online monitoring platform.

Tigo optimisers allow a semi-distributed approach that maximises the potential of every individual module in a solar array without burdening it with the expense and unecessary sophistication that a micro-inverter design demands.

Tigo maximizers increase yield by ~1 to 3% when modules are soiled and from 2 to 36% when modules are partially shaded, as compared to modules with no maximizers.


Tigo Energy Management Unit

An Energy Maximiser Management Unit (MMU) brings together the Tigo optimisers and the inverter. It transmits information collected from the optimisers to a remote server allowing you to see how each individual panel is performing.

Tigo Energy Optimisers can wirelessly communicate with the Management Unit allowing for flexible unit placement.

View the Management Unit Data sheet


Solar Monitoring at your fingertips

Tigo Energy’s monitoring system allows owners and system managers to get precise, instantaneous feedback of every panel in their PV array.

As well as monitoring the performance of your system, owners can identify problems early to avoid efficiency and power loses.